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Software Editions

Export to CSV formatExport Comma separated value file format
1D OptimizationLength Cutting Optimization
2D OptimizationPlate Cutting Optimization
Import from CSV filesCustom Comma separated value (CSV) file formatís specification can be created 
Import from Excel /
Lotus Notes files
Custom Excel/Lotus Notes file formatís spreadsheet import specification can be created 
Multi-Job optimizationOption to optimize a project in stages and/or select several projects from the database to optimize as a batch job 
Custom OptimizationOption to fine tune customisation of material optimization  
Manual optimizationAbility manually arrange selected parts on inventory items  
Export to DXF fileExport 2D Cutting Layout to  AutoCAD's DXF  
Import from Database filesCustom database (MDB, DBF) file formatís specification can be created   
Inventory TrackingOption to keep track of how much inventory there is on hand, and to adjust its level after each project is completed   
Multiple SuppliersMultiple Suppliers' cost can be used against an inventory item   
Network LicenseAbility to work over local area network (LAN)   

Add-on Modules

A1Material databaseAustralian standard steel sections (over 1000 records) pre entered into the ACE Cutting Optimizer's Database
A2Import from DSTV files

DSTV file format is a standard description for steel structure pieces for the numerical controls. This file usually produced by 3D structural steel modelling software such as:
     Tekla Structures
     Revit Structures
     The Steel Detailer (TSD), etc

A3Import material from 3D structural steel modelling software

More detailed information is provided compare to import from DSTV files, such as Drawing numbers, Main members description, Grade, Product finish types, etc
           Tekla Structures
    Revit Structures
         The Steel Detailer (TSD)

A4Import material from 3D cabinet design software

         Cabinetware Ė 3D cabinet design software
   Cabinetvision Ė 3D cabinet design software

A5Import material from DXF filesAutoCAD's DXF (Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format) is a CAD data file format developed by Autodesk for enabling data interoperability between AutoCAD and other programs
A6Export to DAITO's beam lineOptimised layout exported to DAT file which read by Interface DAITO's Steelware (DIS) software for processing by DAITO's beam line machine
A7Custom Import SpecificationFacilities to setup your own import specification to be able to read material list from differently encoded files created from other applications. E.g. In-house Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD's DXF file and any third party drafting packages
A8Stock ValuationFacilities to produce Stock take and Stock valuation reports
A9Machine IsolationFacilities to schedule material processing by a different machinery
A10Processing CostFacilities to calculate product processing cost for drilling, cutting, handling, labour and machine use components
A11Export to DSTVExport product from ACE Cutting Optimizer's project into NC file which can be used for processing by CNC machine (e.g. beam-line, etc)


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