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Without measurement, value cannot be ascertained, wastage cannot be eliminated and wealth cannot be maintained.

ACE Cutting Optimizer is a professional software package, specifically designed for the manufacturing environment.
It determines the best way to cut linear or rectangular parts from sheets, coils or bars and produces optimized cutting layouts.
Optimized cutting is vital for economic production of cut component pieces.
In production planning ACE Cutting Optimizer is an indispensable tool for the user, providing him with all the facilities required to enable the highest efficiency of production.

The algorithm
The cut-waste minimization problem handled by ACE Cutting Optimization software is one of the well-known unsolved Integer Linear Programming (ILP) problems of Operations Research. While there exist algorithms that succeed in finding possible solutions, no proven optimal algorithm is known to date.
Algorithms that rely on exhaustive evaluation of all possible solutions (which most other systems use) are rendered unfeasible by a combinatorial explosion.
To avoid this effect, specialized one and two dimensional algorithms were designed by our development team. Those algorithms have been placed in to the core of the program.
ACE Cutting Optimizer was tested on a large number of actual industrial production problems that were previously solved by specialized personnel. In all of those cases, the solution patterns produced by ACE Cutting Optimizer were at least as good as the human-derived ones, usually better. Moreover, optimization sessions that took humans days to complete were finished in seconds with ACE Cutting Optimizer program.

The benefits:

  • cost reduction due to the decrease of waste and stock level
  • cost reduction through improved cutting productivity
  • a substantial time reduction in the shop and in the office
  • a more productive purchase strategy and planning
  • helps to re-use waste and off-cuts
  • reduces errors through a more clear and accurate production of job orders

System Requirements

  • Pentium 100 or higher PC
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • CD ROM
  • VGA monitor (800 x 600 minimum or higher)
  • Windows 2000 /XP / Vista/ 7

Test Jobs

ACE Cutting Optimizer has been developed from the very beginning with your return on investment at the top of our priorities.

Unlike some over similar optimization product which can be found on the Internet, ACE Cutting Optimizer is a serious productivity improvement and cost saving tool, and not a software toy, and has already proven itself in the real world.
Just use following sample jobs to compare performance of ACE Cutting Optimizer to any over products.

Jobs tested on the Computer specification as following: Pentium IV with 3GHz CPU and 512MB RAM


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