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MWS Engineering Pty. Ltd. We've found ACE Cutting to be an excellent balance between simplicity and functionality. ACE Cutting is easy to install, configure and maintain. The graphic user interface is simple and straightforward, and the program menus give us full access to all the relevant functions of the application. With the advanced data transfer we are able export material list data straight from files provided by our draftsmen in to ACE Cutting database by the click of a button. Program network functionality allows access to the most up to date data for every user on the network.
The support we have received thus far has been superb. We're also impressed by the willingness of the ACE Cutting people to listen to our requests for product enhancements.
ACE Cutting is everything we could want in a material waste optimization management solution.

Just A Dream Furniture. Consider myself to be computer-illiterate I was sceptical about purchasing ACE Cutting Optimizer. I can now see how simple it is to use this program and I not only saving time but human error is all but eliminated. Also, obviously, materials are used economically. In almost no time that alone has paid for the cost of the program.


Customer wish to be anonymous. If you are a freelance draftsman like myself looking for a product that will do the job right and add extra value to drawings provided to your customers, but want to avoid having to spend most of your time trying to learn the product rather than using it, then ACE Cutting is the item to look at.
After evaluating ACE Cutting and a number of other material waste optimization management software, I must comment that ACE Cutting came out on top, for ease of implementation, an almost horizontal learning curve and pricing. Moreover, the support personnel for this product were extremely helpful. They showed a great deal of care, and technical expertise in assisting me with any queries I came up with.


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